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Apps - Aug 9, 2018

10 smartphone apps to download now

Life is busy – let your smartphone help

It could be the first thing you see in the morning (tapping “stop” on your alarm) and the last thing you see at night (checking the next day’s schedule, weather and of course setting your alarm again). It stores some of your favourite memories, can check your stocks at a glance – it can even help you avoid traffic jams. It’s a source of almost endless information right at your fingertips (admit it: you’re probably reading this on your smartphone right now). But did you know you can also outsource some of life’s annoying daily tasks to your phone? Or help you unwind after a long day?

Getting the most out of your smartphone really depends on the apps you’re using on it. Here at Connected, we have a handful of favourites we turn to again and again – and we’re happy to share! Find your device below and follow the link to get the lists.

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