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Rogers EnRoute Provides Peace of Mind – and More

It’s a convenient new electronic notification system that confirms
appointment details and lets Rogers customers know when their technician
is on the way


We’ve all been there: waiting for a service technician or delivery guy
to arrive, wondering where they are and whether you have time to jump
into the shower or step out to walk the dog. We’re all busy people with a
lot on the go – which is why Rogers is introducing Rogers EnRoute and Fido EnRoute,
a convenient new service that keeps you informed with timely updates
about your appointment. A first among Canadian telecommunication
companies, Rogers EnRoute makes it easier for Rogers customers to manage
their time. The best part? Knowing when and where your technician is en
route, thanks to a GPS mapping system that tracks your driver’s
progress in real time. Here’s how it works.

On the Day You Book Your Appointment

Once your date and time are booked, you’ll receive an SMS or email message (or both, the choice is yours) with a dedicated URL. Tap it and you’ll receive confirmation of your appointment date, the address where the technician will arrive and your appointment window. You’ll already have some peace of mind knowing that these details are correct.

Day of the Appointment

A few hours before your appointment window, you’ll get another message. Once again, you’ll see the details – installation date, address and appointment window – but this time, you’ll also be informed that the technician will be heading there shortly.

When Your Technician Is on the Way

As soon as the technician is en route to your place, you’ll get another SMS or email. At this point, you’ll also be given the technician’s first name, a picture of him or her, an ETA updated in real time and a GPS view of the tech’s location. Yes, you’ll actually be able to see the tech’s vehicle on a map, moving closer and closer to you. When the vehicle appears in front of your home on the map, take a look outside: it’ll be there.

The best part of all? Soon you’ll have an awesome new Rogers service set up and ready to enjoy – whether it’s super-fast Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet, NextBox 3.0 with the easy-to-use Navigatr guide or Rogers Smart Home Monitoring with its sweet new mobile app – without wasting any time, waiting and wondering at your window.

Rogers EnRoute just launched in Hamilton and will be rolling out at other locations in Ontario and Atlantic Canada throughout the rest of the year and into early 2017.