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Now you can change your Caller ID display name with MyRogers

It’s super-easy – go to and sign in to see for yourself


You know all the awesome and helpful things you can do with MyRogers – from managing your family’s data and finding help with DeviceAid to accessing your account and even paying your bill on the go. For more details on MyRogers, check out our article here.

Now, a brand-new – and helpful – function of MyRogers (online only) gives customers the ability to change the caller ID name on their wireless devices: you no longer have to call Rogers customer care to do this. Great for those who have multiple lines, you can now change each number’s call display so a distinct name appears when you call someone. Here’s how:

  1. Simply sign in to MyRogers on your computer at to access your account. If you’re not already registered, it’s free and easy. Click here.
  2. Navigate to the Name and Number tile and fill in the fields in the Change My Caller ID dialogue box.
  3. Click “Update and Continue” and then hit “Done.” That’s it!
  4. Your Caller ID will be updated within 24 hours. The change will be reflected on your next bill.

Visit and sign in to your MyRogers account to change your caller ID name anytime at your convenience.