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How-To: View and Manage Wireless Usage

Take control of your data costs by monitoring how much you use each month

We’re accustomed to accessing email, Facebook, music and video anywhere we go, sometimes making it easy to push beyond the limits of our monthly data plans. Rogers offers a couple of ways to monitor your wireless usage: on your computer or via a free app. If you find you’re nearing your monthly limit, you may decide to dial down your online activities for a few days to avoid an overage fee.

1. How to Monitor Data Usage on Your PC

Go to MyRogers on and sign in. Once you’re logged in, click on Services near the top of the page to open a drop down menu, then select the type of usage you’d like to view – in this case, Internet. On this screen you’ll see charts showing your total current usage for the month and your daily usage since your last billing period. You can also see usage alerts and check your usage history to track patterns in your internet habits.

2. How to Monitor Usage on Your Device

Sometimes you may not want to wait until you’re home in front of your PC to check your data usage. First, download the free MyRogers app (if you haven’t yet done so) – preferably while connected to a Wi-Fi network to save data. Once installed, open the app and sign in using your MyRogers login information. On the app homescreen, scroll down to find the wireless number you want to check. Tap to select it. Now tap Data. You’ll be provided the same information accessible through a Web browser, including current usage stats, history and alerts.

3. Adjust Your Plan as Necessary Based on Usage

If, after tracking your usage, you’re still having trouble keeping under your cap, remember that you can always upgrade your plan to increase your access. Alternatively, if you find you’re consistently using less than your limit, you might opt to downgrade your plan and maybe save a few dollars every month.