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How-To: Subscribe to Free Experiences

We’ll show you how to activate services like Spotify and shomi, available for free with your Rogers Share Everything + plan*

If you have a Rogers Share Everything+™ plan, you – and those with whom you share your plan – qualify for free access to one of several popular subscription media services that regularly cost up to $10 per month per user. You can choose between shomi™ (TV and movies), Spotify® Premium (music) and Texture by Next Issue (magazines). We’ll show you how to get started. All you need to do is pick the service that’s right for you.

1. Log in to your MyRogers account

Start by clicking here to log in to MyRogers. If you haven’t set up your MyRogers account yet, just click Register Now and follow the instructions. Then move on to the next step.

2. Pick your Free Experience

Once you’re signed in, click MyRogers from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Below your services, you’ll see the experiences to which you currently subscribe (if any) listed on the left and the new experiences you can choose on the right. Read the descriptions, weigh your options (remember, you have to choose one service that everyone on your plan will share) and then click the Get This button below the experience you want.

3. Register by following the directions for the service you’ve chosen

Each service has its own set of steps to follow, and you may be directed away from the Rogers website. All of the registration processes are pretty straightforward, though. Just remember to download the associated apps for all of your devices, so that you can access your new free experience wherever you happen to be.

Looking for more help? Try heading over to Rogers support site.

*Third-party services are subject to third-party terms and conditions provided at time of registration. These services are available with eligible plans only and are free of monthly subscription fees for a two-year period starting on the day your plan is first activated. Services may only be changed up to 30 days after plan activation date, after which time services can no longer be changed. Access to third-party services will end after such two-year period, unless you elect to purchase a paid subscription to such service. Changing to an ineligible plan or cancellation of your plan or account will end your access to these services. Spotify Premium: up to three Spotify Premium subscriptions per account for Share Everything+ plans with minimum 2.5 GB data (4 GB in Quebec, 5 GB in Saskatchewan and 6 GB in Manitoba) for personal use within the same family across all Rogers brands; users will not be eligible for a similar offer under another Rogers brand after having activated their subscription under this offer. Data consumption: approx. 1 MB/min. for use of audio streaming; approx. 1.4 GB/h for use of video streaming (at the default “Best” setting, to a smartphone or tablet); and approx. 250 MB/magazine (varies based on length of audio/video, stream quality, device and other factors).