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How-To: set up voicemail and reset your password

Forgot your password? No problem. These three steps will get you back into your voicemail in minutes.

With text messaging, email and video calls dominating our mobile communication, it can be surprisingly easy to forget your voicemail password (or even to remember to set up voicemail in the first place). Then you’ll miss a call, wonder if they left a message and suddenly realize you’re kind of stuck. Luckily, setting up voicemail on Rogers devices is easy – even if you don’t know or have forgotten your password. Follow these steps to get back into your voicemail in minutes.

1. Access voicemail on your device

All you need to do to access your voicemail is hold down the 1 key on your phone keypad. You’ll be prompted to enter your password. Rogers sent you a text message containing your password when you first activated your phone number. If you lost that message, try entering the last four digits of your phone number (this is the default password for Rogers voicemail customers). If you changed your password and can’t remember it, head on to the next step. If you’re in, skip to the third.

2. Reset your voicemail password through the Rogers website

If you can’t remember your voicemail password, jump online and head to MyRogers (or just click here). Enter your username and password to log in to your account. Go to the My Services tab and select your phone number. Now click Update My Voicemail Password. Enter a new password and hit Submit. That’s it. Tip: It’s probably best to jot down your new password and stick it to your fridge in case you forget it again.

3. Set up your greeting and/or change your password

Now that you have access to voicemail, it’s time to set up your greeting. Once in, follow the voice prompts to create or edit your greeting. You can re-record it as many times as you like. Should you need to change your password (perhaps sticking it on your fridge wasn’t such a good idea after all, given your nosy housemates), there’s no need to go back to MyRogers; just access your voicemail and follow the voice prompts to reset your password.