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How to pair a Bluetooth device to your Android

See how simple it is to pair Bluetooth devices like headphones, speakers and fitness trackers to your Android device

So you want to connect your Android device to a sweet new pair of headphones for your morning run or a booming Bluetooth speaker at the cottage to share your tunes over dinner. No problem, it's actually super-easy.

First you just have to put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode so your phone can detect it, usually at the touch of a button or switch – check your device's startup guide for instructions

Next, on your Android phone (we've used the Google Pixel 2 XL in our video) access the Bluetooth settings, turn it on and then look for your Bluetooth device in the list. Select it and it will pair, sending sweet sounds to it. That's it!

To disconnect, you can just turn off the Bluetooth feature on your phone and it will disconnect from any Bluetooth devices you may have connected. Or if you want to disconnect from just one device, access the Bluetooth settings again.

Need instructions for pairing a Bluetooth accessory to an iPhone? We've got you.

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