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How to delete photos from Android phones

You’re a picture- and video-taking machine, but these images are taking up all the storage on your Android. Don’t worry, here’s how to free up space so you can keep snapping.


If you need to free up some storage on your phone, purging your Gallery or albums in bulk can help make space quickly when done the right way.

Make sure you back up your pics to either a computer hard drive or cloud provider like Google Photos or Google Drive, so that you never truly lose anything. Once that’s set up, you can get rid of whatever pics and clips you don’t need cramming up your device.

Bulk deleting images on Android

Android is different from iOS in that different apps can be used to store images. Some devices will have a Gallery app, while others will also have Google Photos to act as an offline and free cloud storage provider. The process is generally the same for both apps, regardless of the Android device.

In Gallery, images are laid out as Albums. Tap the top left menu and you can view them by timeline or break down only the videos or favourites you’ve saved. In certain devices, particularly those from Samsung, the layout may be slightly different.

On a Samsung phone or tablet, you can mass delete all images like this:

1. Tap More/Menu > Edit > Select All > Delete.

2. If you want to be more selective, simply choose images individually and then tap Delete.

This is pretty much the same with other Android phones, but with slightly different terminology.

Certain devices, including the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as some Motorola phones, will use Google Photos exclusively. Using that app, the process isn’t all that different.

1. Open Google Photos and log in, and then tap the Menu icon at the top left > Photos > Camera.

2. Tap the dotted menu at the top right and hit Select, or tap and hold a photo or video.

3. You can then either delete images one by one or entire days at once.

Note: Steps may vary slightly based on Android device and OS version.

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