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How-To: Create and Add a Rogers Yahoo! Email Address

We’ll help you set up an email account, then teach you to access it on your Mac

If you have a Rogers Hi-Speed Internet account, then you qualify to create a new Rogers Yahoo! email address for yourself or someone else in your family. And once you’ve set up one address, you can create as many additional addresses as you need for yourself and the rest of your household. Just follow the steps below to get started. While we’re at it, we’ll also help Mac users set up their email account to work with the Mail app on your Mac.

1. Register Your Rogers Account with Yahoo! (If Necessary)

If this is your first Rogers Yahoo! email account, you’ll need to register your account with Yahoo!. Start by clicking here. You’ll be prompted to enter your Registration Key and your Registration Number. Your Registration Key is the letter S followed by your Rogers account number, without any spaces or dashes (you can find your account number by logging into MyRogers). Your Registration Number is the last four digits of your home phone number repeated once, for a total of eight digits, again with no spaces or dashes. Now click Next.

2. Create Your Email Address

Now it’s time to create your email account. You’ll be prompted to enter some personal information into a series of fields. You’ll also need to select a username and password, plus a security question and answer. Pick a username that’s easy to remember, and make sure your password is hard to guess – perhaps an unusual phrase with a couple of numbers in place of letters. Click Next, then Finish. Now click here and try logging in to your account to verify your new email works.

3. Create an Additional Email Address

If you need to create another email address, click on your ID in the top right corner of any Rogers Yahoo! page while logged in, then Account Info. Now click Manage Secondary Accounts and verify your password. Then click Create New Secondary Account. Now just go through the process described in the second step for each new email account you want to create.

How to Add a Rogers (IMAP) Email Account on Mac Mail

Your Mac has a pretty good mail application that you can use to access your Rogers Yahoo! mail account and save you the hassle of opening a Web browser to access your email. To get started, click on the Mail icon (it looks like a postage stamp) in the app dock at the bottom of your desktop. Now go up to the menu bar at the top of the screen and click Mail, then in the dropdown menu click Preferences. Click the Accounts tab (if it isn’t already selected), then look down in the bottom left corner of the window and click the + icon to call up a list of email account providers. Select Yahoo! and click Continue. Now enter your Rogers Yahoo! email address and click Next, then enter your password and click Sign In. Select which features you want the Mail app to access (Mail is chosen by default) and you’re done. Now you can access your email on your Mac anytime by clicking the Mail app icon.

Need more help? Just head on over to Rogers support site.