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How-To: Create a Secondary Rogers Email Address

It’s fast, free and easy

Looking to set up a secondary Rogers email address? No problem – getting one with a domain name is easy.

Just follow the simple steps below. If you’ve still got questions afterwards, you can find more help at

1. Log in to your primary Rogers email address

Start by heading over to (or just click here) and sign in using your primary Rogers email address.

To create a new address, you’ll need to jump into the Settings Menu, located in the top right corner of your browser window. Select Accounts, then Edit your account information and finally My Account & Billing. You’ll be prompted to enter your password again. Do so and hit Sign-In.

You’ll land on the My Account & Billing page – but don’t worry, you don’t need to pay anything extra for secondary addresses. Find and click on Create New Secondary Account, then click to accept the terms and conditions and hit Next.

2. Create your secondary email address

Now you should be on a form that needs to be filled with personal data. There are no trick questions here; just enter the required information in each field.

Tip #1: The username is the bit that pops up in front of in your email. Since Rogers accounts are generally held only by Canadians, you’ll likely find you have a little more freedom in selecting the username of your choice than you would with many global email providers.

Tip #2: When creating your password, keep in mind that it needs to be between six and 32 characters in length, include at least one number and can’t be the same as your username. Don’t be lazy; come up with something strong that’s easy to remember but that only you will know. Think of a short phrase one of your favourite teachers overused, for instance, and replace a couple of letters with numbers.

Click Next once you’ve completed the form.

3. Log in to your new account

Once you’ve finished creating your new account, you’ll be prompted either to sign in as a different user, return to the member centre or create another secondary account – remember, they’re free!

Make sure your new account works by clicking Sign in as a different user or by clicking here. You’ll be prompted to enter your username – use the one you came up with in step two – and associated password. Click Sign In and you should find that your new secondary email address is active and ready to receive mail.

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