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How-To: Check for a Wireless Outage

Use MyNetwork in your MyRogers App to verify and locate current service outages or report one yourself


To ensure you always have the best wireless connection, Rogers is introducing MyNetwork. Here’s how it works.

Check for an Outage at Your Current Location

Open the MyRogers app on your device and follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your Rogers telephone number or user name.
  2. Select one of your Rogers mobile lines.
  3. Scroll down and select MyNetwork.
  4. A pop-up will appear.
  5. Select OK to continue.

  • Your location will be automatically geo-located.
  • A map will appear with a circle around your current location.
  • Geo-locator will only work if your GPS is turned on.

  1. Select Check Status to check for outages in your current location.

  • A notification will appear to tell you if there’s an outage or limited coverage in your location or surrounding area.
  • If there is one, you can request an update once the issue has been resolved.
  • If there’s no outage but you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, you can report it to one of our experts (see below).

Check for an Outage at a Different Location

  • ŸComplete steps 1 to 5 above.
  • ŸSelect the magnifying-glass icon on the upper left corner of your screen.
  • ŸA search bar will appear.
  • ŸEnter the address, intersection or postal code for the location you’d like to check.
  • ŸSelect Search.
  • ŸYou’ll be redirected to the map.
  • ŸA circle will appear around the location you have searched for.
  • ŸComplete step 6 above.

Report a Wireless-connectivity Issue Using MyNetwork

  • ŸSelect Report an Issue from the bottom of the status pop-up.
  • ŸAlternatively, you can also select Report, then Report an Issue from the second tab on the top of the status pop-up.
  • ŸA form will appear.
  • ŸFill out the details of your issue using the guided form.
  • ŸSelect Submit once complete.
  • ŸA pop-up will appear to confirm that your feedback has been successfully submitted.
  • ŸYou’ll receive a text or email once the issue has been resolved.
  • ŸA few days later, you’ll also get a message containing your report details when you re-enter the MyRogers app.