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Connect - Mar 30, 2016

Get Quick and Easy Online Support from Rogers

Need help with your Rogers products and services? Here’s how you can reach out for fast customer support.
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Did you know you can contact customer support online or via mobile and get fast assistance on all of your Rogers-related queries? Over the past year, the number of Rogers customer complaints to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) has dropped by a whopping 65%*. It’s tools like DeviceAid, Facebook Messenger and Rogers Community Forums that are helping Rogers customer find the answers they need.

Reach Out to Rogers on Facebook Messenger

You can now use Facebook Messenger to contact Rogers customer support and get answers to your Rogers-related questions, whether it’s billing or tech issues. Click here to find out how >>

Easy Answers to Your Tech Questions with DeviceAid

DeviceAid from Rogers is like a personalized technician in your phone that provides helpful tips and tech support tailored to your usage and device. So, if you have questions about tech-related problems such as Wi-Fi connectivity, battery life and broken apps, DeviceAid is here to provide you with fast answers and solutions. Watch this video to find out more >>

DeviceAid Solutions for Your Android Smartphone

Here are some instances in which DeviceAid can lend Android device users a helping hand or simply provide them with the information they’re looking for. Click here to learn more >>

5 DeviceAid Solutions for Your iPhone

For the most part, your iPhone is a straightforward and intuitive joy to use. But if you ever find yourself stumped by a technical issue or question, you can turn to DeviceAid from Rogers for some guidance. Click here to learn more >>

Video: Get to Know Rogers Community Forums

Check out this helpful customer-support forum and get answers to your tech questions in just a few clicks. Watch this video to find out more >>

*Click here to read all about the recent CCTS mid-year report.