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Connect - Jul 18, 2016

5 Tech Tips for Faring the Festival Fairgrounds

Your smartphone is an invaluable tool for maximizing your family’s fun this summer

It’s music festival season. And, though important, we don’t think you need reminding to slather on the sunscreen or drink lots of water while spending the day in the sun watching your favourite musical acts with your family. Instead, we’re letting you in on our top tech tips to make your day go off without a glitch.

Backup Beforehand

“Memory full.” It’s the notification that nightmares are made of. Make sure to back up your phone (especially your photos) before your big day out. Clear some space so you can capture your favourite moments. You’ll never have to choose between Father John Misty and your son’s graduation ever again. Want a suggestion? Check out the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick in our video for great techy travel gear.

Create a Communication Code

In case you split from the pack, come up with a code for when you’re ready to reconnect. They might not hear an incoming text or call when the bands are blaring, so shoot out some rapid-fire texts like modern day Morse code. A few quick zaps on vibrate will get their attention! Or choosing a physical landmark meetup spot works, too.

Make a Plan

Decide which artists you must see and cross your fingers that your favourite ones don’t overlap. Know where and when each is playing, and make sure to toss in some new bands to discover in between your top picks. Pro tip: set alerts on your phone so you know when it’s time to hustle to the next stage.

Study Up with Spotify

Brush up on your bands before you go. Only know your top pick’s hit single? Stream some songs you’re unfamiliar with and get a feel for the lyrics. It’s more fun when you and the family can sing along, whether you’re in tune or not.

Limit Social Media to One Song

Live in the moment, but don’t forget it either. Pick one song from the set to capture video and snap some pics. That way you’re guaranteed to score at least one Instagram- or Shapchat-worthy shot, and you can enjoy the rest of the concert through your eyes and ears, not a smartphone screen.