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5 quick tips to get epic selfies

Obsessed with taking selfies? Here’s how you can primp up your pics.


Whether you’re a newbie selfie taker who’s still learning about your phone’s camera features or a longtime selfie enthusiast looking to spruce up your Instagram account, these quick and easy tips will take your photography game to the next level.

1. Use a paper towel or napkin

Tired of taking selfies that wash out or tinge your complexion? Here’s a neat little trick for you: hold a white napkin or paper towel near your face as you take a selfie. The whiteness of the material will help neutralize the lighting. Just be sure to place the napkin or paper towel at a position where you can crop it out later. Click here to see how it’s done.

2. Take advice from a pro

Earlier this year, reality-TV star and selfie aficionado Kim Kardashian West gave talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel the rundown on how to take a selfie. Among her top tips: don’t forget to crop. “A lot of it has to do with how you crop it,” she told Kimmel. “If you don’t like something on your body, just crop it [out].” Check behind you, too: be sure to crop out things like bathroom sinks or unseemly furniture. Unless your background is a fun event or luxurious getaway, there’s no need to show off your location.

3. Picture perfect

If you want to give your selfies a photo-shoot glow, it helps to use a makeover app to glam up your face and body. Apps like Perfect365 and Facetune can accentuate your features, smooth out blemishes, remove dark circles and wrinkles and brighten up your smile. Just be careful not to overdo it like these famous faces did.

4. Don’t suffer with the shutter

It can be tricky to maintain a perfect pose while extending your arm far out and trying to hit the shutter button with your finger. Spare yourself the hassle by using voice-command features on your phone (Android) or the volume buttons on your headphones (iPhone) to snap pictures. It also helps if you mount your device on a monopod – this way you can pose and take selfies from a distance, hands-free.

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5. Use a selfie stick

Speaking of monopods, there’s no longer any need to strain your arm or lug around a tripod to take great selfies. Not only are selfie sticks compact, retractable and easy to tote, but they also allow you to better frame your shots, take pics from afar and snap group photos with ease. Simply insert your device into the adjustable mount and plug into your audio jack and you’re good to start shooting.

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