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Internet - Mar 2, 2016

4 Ways Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet Can Improve Your Online Experience

Among other things, more speed allows large families to access the internet on their terms

Rogers Ignite™ Gigabit Internet has started rolling out across Rogers neighbourhoods, and you might be wondering what even more speed can do for you. Quite a lot, depending on your situation. Turns out the answer to many problems facing your average internet user is – you guessed it – a faster connection. And connections don’t get any faster than gigabit.

1. I have a big family that always seems to be online. How can we avoid experiencing bothersome buffering and network logjams?

Short answer: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet could be your best bet

Slightly longer answer: Large families living under one roof often strain their shared internet connection. The more devices simultaneously connected to the internet, the more bandwidth consumed. Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet provides enough bandwidth that all members of your house and their various connected devices will be able to experience quick, uninterrupted internet activities, regardless of how much bandwidth they may require.

2. I hate how long it takes to download big games before I can start playing. How can I decrease download times?

Short answer: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet (and a quick file server)

Slightly longer answer: Modern games can be 35 GB (or bigger) and often take hours to download over a broadband connection. At top speed*, Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet can download a 35-GB game – or any 35-GB file, for that matter – in about five minutes. Remember that your download will be limited to the maximum speed of the server hosting the file, which you have no control over. Regardless, with Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet you know your download will happen as fast as possible.

3. I like to upload high-quality pictures and videos to share with friends and family, but when I upload a lot at once it takes forever. How can I fix this?

Short answer: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet

Slightly longer answer: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet doesn’t just increase download speeds; it offers data upload speeds many times quicker than conventional broadband. Want to put up a gigabyte worth of kids photos for your parents to browse through? At Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet’s top upload speed – 50 Mbps – it’ll only take about three minutes*.

4. Skype is awesome, but the picture tends to lag and break up. How do I make it seem more like we’re looking through a window at each other?

Short answer: Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet (on both ends)

Slightly longer answer: Teleconferencing services like Skype only get better with faster connections. The two primary factors are bandwidth and latency. The more data you can send at once and the quicker it’s transmitted, the clearer the picture and the more it feels like you’re talking in real time with no delay. It helps if one party has gigabit speeds, but it makes an even bigger difference if both have lightning-quick connections.

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*Estimates based on a 35-GB game file downloaded and a 1-GB photo-file uploaded with a wired Ethernet connection, assuming optimal network conditions and compatible modem; may vary with your configuration, internet traffic, server, computer, equipment or other factors.