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30-Second How-Tos: 6 Quick Answers to 6 Simple Problems

Tangled earbuds? Wet phone? Smartphone low on juice? This collection of bite-sized videos will help.

Whether you need to dry out a wet device or get a quick recharge, we've got you covered with these easy-to-follow, half-a-minute smartphone tutorials.

How to Tame Those Tangled Earbuds

Neatly wrap your headphone cord to save your sanity. Here's how.

How to Pump Up Your Smartphone Sound

You don’t need power to blast your tunes, just use this tip in a pinch!

How to Charge Your Smartphone Faster

Low on juice? These tips will give you the power jolt you need.

How to Block Unwanted Callers

Fortify your smartphone against pesky people with these tips.

How to Dry Out a Wet Device

Dropped your phone in the toilet? Save its life with this tutorial.

How to Share a Spotify Playlist

Fancy yourself a budding DJ? Share your perfect playlists with the world.