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Apple - Dec 12, 2017

Video: The four best features of the iPhone X

Whether you're searching for a new smartphone or you're upgrading from an old iPhone, there's a ton of great reasons to consider an iPhone X. Here are our four favourites.

This was an incredible year for smartphone releases, delivering standout devices such as Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Note 8 handsets as well as Google's killer Pixel 2 devices, to name just a few. Oh, and if you're weren't already wowed by Apple's iPhone 8 deliveries, the Cupertino company – in true Apple fashion – saved the best for last with the release of the game-changing iPhone X in early November, making the general population and Apple fan-folk alike wring their hands over what device to get – so many devices to choose from!

Well, if the iPhone X did, indeed, make your shortlist, we thought we'd help out. After spending some quality time with the iPhone X, the above video attempts to offer what I think are the coolest and best features of the new device – from its gorgeous 5.8-inch OLED screen and more compact and easy-to-use-in-one-hand form factor, to its amazingly intuitive screen gestures that have made me never want to see another physical home button again. And if Face ID is giving you any cause for concern about how it functions or how fast it is, just let me stop you right there. It's probably my favourite thing about it. It's fast, works in almost any lighting situation and couldn't be easier to use. Well, that's enough from me, just watch the video.

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Video Credits:
Writer/Producer – Derek Malcolm | Host – Derek Malcolm
Creative Director – Kim Rogers | Videographer / Editor – Sheldon Norton