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Huawei - May 25, 2017

The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus put mobile photography first

With dual rear Leica cameras and a focus on black-and-white shooting, Huawei’s new flagship phones are geared to serious shutterbugs

Breaking into a new market is always tough, but it gets a bit easier if you have a good hook. And Chinese manufacturer Huawei has a great one in its new P10 (5.1-inch) and P10 Plus (5.5-inch) flagship phones: killer photography. Not only do these devices take outstanding colour images but they also have a separate Leica lens and capacious 20-MP image sensor specifically designed to capture the sly subtleties and sharp contrasts we associate with iconic monochrome photographs. But these handsets are more than just cameras. From their unique diamond-cut design and stylish colours to their speedy and reliable performance, there are plenty of reasons to add the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus to your list of contenders the next time you go shopping for an Android device.

“There’s just something about great black-and-white photography that captures truth.”

Beyond colour

Subjects captured in monochromatic portraits by the P10 and P10 Plus seem to take on a different aura. Maybe it has something to do with the camera’s 3D facial detection, optical image stabilization, or dynamic illumination. Perhaps it’s the Leica F2.2 lens paired with an extraordinary 20-MP image sensor. Or maybe there’s just something about great black-and-white photography that captures truth.

Example of a monochrome image from the device (photo by Derek Malcolm).

More than black-and-white

Not every scene or portrait demands the monochrome touch. In these situations, you can choose between a second rear camera designed for colour photography (and 4K video) and a front-facing selfie camera, which captures twice the light and automatically adjusts to wide-angle when it senses a group of faces. Put a little more plainly, there aren’t many moments in your life that the P10 and P10 Plus can’t capture.

Example of a colour image from the device (photo by Derek Malcolm).

A phone apart

Luxurious finishes demonstrate the attention Huawei has paid to detail on the P10 and P10 Plus. Each device is less than seven millimetres thick, with everything on the aluminum-plated rear side – including those two camera lenses – sitting perfectly flush with the casing, which makes for dreamy handling. As for the colours, there will be three available in all of Canada – Black, Dazzling Blue and Prestige Gold, the latter two available exclusively from Rogers. Not only that, but if the P10 Plus is your cuppa tea, it too is exclusive to Rogers in Black and Dazzling Blue.

Award-worthy performance

Powering not just their cameras but everything the P10 and P10 Plus do is a blazing-quick Kirin 960 processor, which works in tandem with Huawei’s proprietary Ultra Memory tech to speed up everything from loading times to app performance. You’ll notice the impact in gaming, media playback, Web surfing, productivity, multitasking and more.

At a glance…

Full HD/2K display – The 5.1-inch P10 sports a dazzling Full HD screen, but you’ll see even more with the P10 Plus’s 5.5-inch 2K (2560x1440) display.

Kirin 960 CPU – This octa-core processor has all the power you need for photography, video and games.

Android 7.0 – Google’s latest OS has loads of handy features, including bundled notifications, multi-window support, and quick app switching.

Fingerprint security and touchpad – A smart fingerprint sensor below the screen doubles as a contextual touchpad to navigate back and home and to access recent apps.

3200-mAh (P10)/3750-mAh (P10 Plus) battery – All the juice you need for a full day of work and play.

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