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Apple - Nov 6, 2017

Six things you can do with an iPhone X that you can’t with an iPhone 8

Considering Apple’s stunningly redesigned phone? Let us tempt you a little more.

Apple presented consumers with a choice this fall: immediately upgrade to an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus – both great phones full of upgrades – or hold off a couple of months for an iPhone X, the company’s radically redesigned flagship handset. iPhone X is a bit more expensive, but it offers features and advantages you won’t find on any other iPhone, not to mention an instant wow factor thanks to its dazzling edge-to-edge screen. Here are some of the cool things you can do with an iPhone X that you can’t with an iPhone 8.

1. See more while holding less

This is the most immediately obvious benefit of the iPhone X. It’s far smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus, but thanks to a new bezel-free design its Super Retina display actually measures larger on the diagonal at 5.8 inches. What’s more, this screen has a much greater pixel density – 458 ppi compared with 401 ppi – to ensure crisper images, and uses OLED tech for stunning contrast and vivid hues. Add in support for HDR and you have the most impressive display upgrade Apple has delivered in years.

2. Exit – or switch between – apps with a swipe

The iPhone X upends the notion that home is where the heart is by eliminating the home button altogether. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit an app. Pause that swipe and you’ll see a selection of open apps, allowing you to choose what to do next. It’s a revolution in simplicity for touchscreen interfaces. And no need to worry about how to wake a sleeping iPhone without a home button; you can tap the screen anywhere to pull your phone out of its slumber.

3. Unlock your phone by looking at the camera

Apple’s fingerprint-sensing Touch ID technology is a handy way to unlock a phone, but it’s got nothing on Face ID. The little black notch that dips into the top of the iPhone X’s screen contains not just a camera but a bevy of sensors – including a projector that maps your face via 30,000 invisible dots of infrared light – to instantly recognize who you are and unlock your phone. Apple claims there’s just a one-in-a-million chance of it incorrectly determining someone else is you.

4. Take better pictures

The iPhone 8 Plus’s dual-lens camera is nothing to sneeze at – it’s been called the best smartphone camera ever tested by people who know about such things – but the iPhone X camera is even better. It uses an F2.4 telephoto aperture for superior low-light performance and features optical image stabilization on both of its 12-MP image sensors, helping ensure clearer shots regardless of whether you’re at standard magnification or zooming in on a distant subject.

5. Take better selfies

Front-facing cameras traditionally deliver worse performance and fewer features than their rear-facing siblings, but the iPhone X noticeably narrows this gap by leveraging all those notch sensors created for Face ID. Now you can add portrait-style effects to your selfies, blurring out backgrounds and drawing your face into sharp focus. You’ll also be able to use a feature called portrait lighting to adjust how light hits your face in real time.

6. Create personalized emoji

Yet another exclusive perk enabled by the iPhone X’s face-detection sensors is personalized emoji, or what Apple has playfully dubbed “animoji.” Just pick a cartoon creature – like a panda, fox, pig or monkey – and start making faces in front of the camera. You’ll see your chosen animal face make the exact same expression as you in real time, and it will be recorded so that you can attach it to your next text message.