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Google - Feb 16, 2017

Really Blue Google Pixel Arrives First at Rogers

With its refreshing new colour, we’re reminded of all the awesome things these Google Pixel smartphones can do

The smartphone world (us included) was considerably impressed with the launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones late last year. And why not? It’s a killer Android Nougat device with one of the best smartphone cameras around, it comes out of the box with Google Assistant to keep your life organized, it’s fast, powerful and looks cool, too (read our review here).

At launch, both Google Pixel devices were available in Canada in colours that Google calls Quite Black and Very Silver – both nice options, to be sure. But there was a third colour choice that Pixel enthusiasts were teased with last year, which we couldn’t get our eager little hands on. It’s called Really Blue, and now it’s here – first and exclusively – at Rogers and available for pre-order beginning February 16.

Whether you were on the fence about picking up a Pixel when it launched, are on the lookout for a new smartphone now or just like things that are blue, we thought we’d highlight a few things you might not know about the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices to help you make your choice, because once you go blue you never go... back?

Daydream VR

If you’ve never tried a virtual-reality headset before (like the Galaxy Gear VR or HTC Vive), you don’t know what you’re missing. Fully immersive games, movies, TV and other interactive content truly draws you into an alternate reality you can spend hours exploring. And one of the best VR experiences on the market comes by way of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL when inserted into the cool and comfy Daydream VR headset. Being untethered from cords and cables allows for ultimate freedom of movement, and the Daydreams breathable fabric and lightweight construction will let you play comfortably for hours. With an ever-expanding roster of game titles (Gunjack 2, LEGO BrickHeadz Builder VR, Need for Speed racing, for example), video content from Netflix, YouTube and Google Play, and exploratory experiences such as Google Street View and news sites with VR capabilities, you might never come back to the real world again.

Special Offer! Customers who pre-order the Pixel in Really Blue on any two-year Share EverythingTM plan will be eligible to get Daydream VR for only $29 (regular price, $99) from February 16 to 28*.

Fast Charging

As the technology under the hoods of today’s smartphones continually improves, it takes more and more power, simply put, to make them go. While the battery life of our smartphones is ever important, equally paramount is how long it takes to charge up – sometimes taking hours. I’ve had a while to play with the Pixel XL, and I have to say that the fast-charging feature is a lifesaver and should be a feature of every phone. In just 15 minutes, the Pixel can get a charge for up to seven hours of use when charging with the included USB C charger. Just when you thought you were out of the game with a dead phone, in 15 minutes, you’re back shooting and sharing photos and videos or, back on track with the directions you were following on Google Maps.

Make a Custom Case

There are a million cases out there. The choice is overwhelming, really. With Google’s Live Case options, you can make your own and shine on like the crazy diamond you are. Through the Pixel website, you can choose and order from cool designer cases and cases emblazoned with Google Earth images, each with matching live wallpapers. You can also create a custom case with a favourite photo and a customized wallpaper – like a slideshow photo gallery from your own pics. Or, better yet, grab a Really Blue Pixel and customize a cool underwater or surfing motif to colour coordinate.

Round-the-Clock Support

Sometimes I feel like I have a second job as tech support for my friends and their gadgets. It doesn’t pay very well. At all, really. Luckily for my friends who own Pixel devices, I can simply direct them to swipe down on their screens, access the Settings menu and select the Support tab. Google has thrown in free 24-hour support by phone or chat for Pixel users. My job’s done here.

Not a fan of Blue? You can still get in on Pixel (while supplies last):

  • Customers who activate a Pixel (in any available colour) on a two-year Share Everything plan between February 16 and March 31 will receive a $100 Google Play credit.*
  • Customers can get Pixel 32 GB for $0 after $200 eligible trade-in credit on a two-year Premium+ Tab Share Everything plan available from February 16 to March 31.*

*For full details and legal click here.