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More - May 8, 2015

Meet the New BlackBerry Leap

BlackBerry's trademark security and smarts find a new home in this five-inch touchscreen phone

The latest handset from BlackBerry packs everything the Canadian smartphone maker is known for – bar-setting security, efficient productivity, addictive messaging – into a modern and affordable five-inch form.

What's more, it boasts a next-level touchscreen typing experience, seamless content sharing with other devices and a battery that just won't quit.

It's a new BlackBerry for a new generation of tech-savvy professionals.

A Keyboard Fit for a King

BlackBerry's physical keyboards are legendary among thumb typists, and the Leap's touchscreen board builds on that experience. It actually learns from each stroke by figuring out where you tend to tap on certain letters, then adapts to ensure better accuracy. Cooler still, it predicts words that commonly follow other words as you type. All you need do is flick up to place them in your text. “Quick” hardly begins to describe it.

A Better Battery

The Leap is powered by a hefty 2800-mAh battery. BlackBerry warrants 25 hours of "heavy use" on a full charge – meaning it's not going to quit before you do. Should you forget to charge it and find you're running low on juice, you still have options – including a handy "flip" feature that immediately puts the Leap into energy-saving sleep mode when you lie it face down on a flat surface.

Super Secure

Long the gold standard in mobile security, BlackBerry has poured all of its data-safeguarding tricks into the Leap. Best-in-class encryption protects your privacy, and sophisticated malware protection is baked into the operating system to defend your phone against digital nogoodniks. You can also set automated backups to keep your files protected, and can even remotely wipe and restore your handset should the need arise.

Seamless Messaging on Multiple Devices

Your phone is important, but it's not the only screen in your life. BlackBerry Blend helps ensure your messages and content appear on whichever screen you happen to be using. Compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as Android tablets and iPads, you can go from viewing your latest notifications, text messages, calendars and documents on your Leap to looking at them on your desktop or slate in a matter of seconds.

At a Glance

5-inch 1280x720 display – For sharp documents and vibrant multimedia.

BlackBerry 10 OS – Complete with BlackBerry Assistant, BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry Hub and BBM.

Qualcomm MSM 8960 1.5 GHz CPU – Effortless power for productivity and entertainment.

2800-mAh battery – Will get you through a whole day, and then some.

8-MP rear camera – A full-featured point-and-shoot with autofocus, flash, 1080p video and image stabilization.

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