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More - Aug 31, 2016

Introducing BlackBerry DTEK50

Get ready for a super-secure Android phone that doesn’t break the bank

BlackBerry’s first mid-range Android smartphone is among the most secure Android devices yet built*, making it an ideal choice for anyone interested in a dual-purpose phone for personal and business use. Use it to freely shop the millions of apps available through Google Play without worrying about security compromises, and enjoy media and games on a lush 5.2-inch touch display, all while maintaining your productivity via BlackBerry’s peerless Intelligent Keyboard. And with a tough, grippy back and damage-resistant Dragontrail glass, it’s a phone designed to survive everyday escapades both on and off the clock.

Maximum Security

The DTEK50 is the perfect marriage of freedom and security. It runs Android 6.0, allowing for generous OS customization while providing access to an almost endless array of apps available on Google Play. But it also keeps your handset safe via a vigilant eye cast on app privileges (no one will be able to surreptitiously turn on your mic, say, or steal data via NFC) while actively providing suggestions on how to improve security features and settings. Your IT guy will love you.

A Matter of Convenience

Most phones force users to bend their habits to the hardware. The DTEK50 is a little more flexible. A customizable Convenience Key located on the side edge allows users to instantly access specific apps and tasks. And as your routines and favourite apps change, so can the function of the Convenience Key. It evolves with you.

One Clever Keyboard

Add to BlackBerry’s famed physical keyboards a world-class virtual board. The DTEK50’s Intelligent Keyboard seamlessly integrates with Android, providing clever swipe shortcuts for deleting words and accessing additional characters. Plus, it learns your writing style as you type in order to provide word suggestions in as many as three languages of your choice.

A Real Hard Case

This is a phone that understands its users are only human. A textured rear panel makes it easier to keep hold of your handset and is more at home with telltale signs of wear and tear from inevitable tumbles than glass and metal frames. Bonus: the 5.2-inch LCD is made of Dragontrail glass to help keep damage and scratches at bay.

At a Glance…

5.2-inch HD LCD with Dragontrail glass – Bright, crisp and sturdy enough to survive most scrapes.
13-MP + 8-MP cameras – Plenty of picture-capturing power for selfies and scenic shots.
2,610-mAh battery – Power through your day and then keep going well into the night.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU with 3 GB of RAM – A workhorse processor coupled with a generous helping of memory to handle your more gluttonous apps.
Storage expansion up to 2 TB – Pop in a microSD memory card and take dozens of HD movies with you wherever you go.

*Based on recognized leadership building security into both hardware and software, and record of delivering day zero security patches. More details here