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Apple - Oct 16, 2017

How the iPhone 8 makes family photography fun

With improved cameras and a ton of new and existing features, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can kick your family photos up a notch. Here’s how.

Whether it’s snapping cute photos of the kids, action shots at events or fun vacation pics, we want our family photos to look their best. The iPhone 8’s improved camera and features offer fun ways to liven up everyday family photos, even taking them to professional-looking levels.

Portrait Lighting mode will change your life

You may be familiar with the iPhone’s much-loved Portrait Mode, which launched with the iPhone 7 Plus. Well, thanks to powerful new processors, iPhone 8 Plus (and iPhone X) users are going to love the new Portrait Lighting setting that can transform boring shots into totally share- and print-worthy ones: Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono. The best part is that you can experiment with Portrait Lighting after the photo has been taken, so everyone can manipulate different versions of the same image.

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Add a Studio Light effect to a photo of your child to brighten up their cute little face and make her eyes pop, or use Stage Light to create a dramatic family portrait against a deep-black background (Mono for black and white). Natural Light creates a sharp focus on a face against a blurred background, while Contour Light adds dramatic shadows with highlights and low lights – great for getting flattering selfies.

Use Portrait Mode’s bokeh effect to create dramatic shots

Even without the fancy new lighting modes, Portrait Mode’s bokeh effect creatively blurs the background of a photo. Hone in on your child during an active shot of her soccer game or the family dog as he plays in the park. Let everyone in the family alter the depth of field to create fun versions of a photo.

Make your photos live

With Live Photos, you can search for the pivotal moment when the subject’s eyes were open, a baby went from crying to laughing, or the goal was scored. Then select the best image or “Key Photo” or save some of the outtakes, too. Loop a live photo to make fun family moments play over and over again or get creative and run it forward then in reverse. You can even set a Live Photo as your iPhone’s wallpaper – just tap and hold the screen to watch it play. Lastly, Live Photo now has a cool long-exposure effect you can add after the fact. With it, you can do things like make lights streak and pop, or experiment with ghost-like trails following your kids as they ride their bikes.

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