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Samsung - Feb 26, 2018

Get ready to go gaga over the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

With an unparalleled camera and a gorgeously refined edge-to-edge Infinity Display, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line has never been more breathtaking

At a Glance

1. Super slow-mo video at 960fps | 2. 5.8- and 6.2-inch edge-to-edge Infinity Displays | 3. AR-powered custom emoji | 4. AKG-tuned stereo sound | 5. Six high-grade security options

Taking centre stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, Samsung announced its brand new Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones, two brilliant devices that honour their illustrious pedigree. Equipped with what might well be the best camera yet designed for a smartphone, they can capture super-slow-motion video in high definition and crystal-clear 12MP stills in a candlelit room. They also boast the most impressive curved-edge Infinity displays – 5.8- and 6.2-inches, respectively – ever to come out of the Korean manufacturer’s factories, plus a pair of professionally tuned stereo speakers with extraordinary clarity and oomph. Add in some fun new features – like the ability to create custom AR Emoji – and you have a pretty persuasive argument for trading up to a new Galaxy this spring.

Hands-on with the Galaxy S9 and S9+

A camera that proves slow wins the race

Serious shutterbugs will love the new Galaxies’ super-slow-mo capabilities, which can capture an amazing 960 frames per second – speedy enough to make lightning look like its crawling across the sky or to watch a hummingbird’s wings beat. And you don’t need to worry about missing the perfect moment with what Samsung calls Motion Detection, where slow-mo kicks in as soon as the sensor detects fast action movement in the frame. Users can then add music and create gifs to share instantly.

But there’s more to this powerful little picture popper than just shutter speed. A dual aperture lens switches automatically between f/1.5 (to let in more light, reduce shadows and increase detail in dark scenes) to f/2.4 in brighter conditions to enhance brightness and add sharpness in fast moving subjects. It’s a camera for all skill levels and every occasion.

You ain’t never seen a phone like me

Samsung’s engineers clearly spent some late nights fine-tuning the Galaxy S9 and S9+’s look and feel. A redesigned 18.5:9 Infinity Display – 5.8-inches on the S9, 6.2-inches on the S9+ – stretches from edge to edge, leaving only a hint of a bezel at the bottom and top to house the camera and sensors. It makes for a wider screen with a smaller footprint. Or, as Samsung says, there’s more to see and less to hold. And two sophisticated colours to choose from – including the new Lilac Purple and Titanium Grey – the S9 and S9+ can produce a tingle of exhilaration even when they’re not switched on.

Express yourself with customized emoji

Samsung’s expressive augmented-reality tech means you can now capture your own emotive reactions and send them to friends as emoji. Create an emoji character that looks like you with a selfie or design your own emoji avatar from scratch, choosing everything from facial features to clothes. Then the S9 and S9+’s camera and sensors will track your face in real time to create custom emojis to share with friends in text conversations. No time to physically emote? No problem. Just choose from one of 18 automatically generated emoji “stickers” applied to the character you create.

Enjoy big sound from a small source

Headphones are great, but sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to rely on your phone’s built-in speakers – assuming they don’t sound tinny and distorted. Happily, the S9 and S9+’s professionally pitched stereo speakers lift integrated mobile audio to new heights. Tuned by the audio experts at renowned soundhouse AKG Acoustics and engineered to support Dolby Atmos surround sound, these diminutive drivers deliver nuanced noise. Whether you’re listening to music or watching your favourite movie, you’ll hear every auditory detail.

Pick your protection

With the Galaxy S9 and S9+, you can choose how you want to protect your privacy by employing one (or more) of six different phone-locking security measures. Standard PIN, password and patterns provide a good baseline of protection, but you can also employ a trio of personalized biometric security options, including a fingerprint scanner (located right where your index finger touches the back of your phone while holding it upright) as well as face and iris readers that work in tandem to ensure your phone recognizes you and only you. Access your phone with a look, a few taps or a touch. The choice is yours.


Display: A 5.8-inch (570ppi)/6.2-inch (529ppi) Quad HD + Curved Super AMOLED delivers dazzling colours and sparkling clarity on a huge handheld canvas

Rear Camera: 12MP with dual aperture lens delivers consistent shooting in a variety of lighting conditions (S9+ also comes with dual OIS/wide angle functionality)

Processor: A 64-bit octa-core CPU (2.8 GHz Quad plus 1.7 GHz Quad) ensures optimal performance in games, media, productivity and creativity apps

Battery: A 3,000-mAh (S9)/3,500-mAh (S9+) battery supports both QC 2.0 fast charging for quick fills and WPC and PMA wireless charging for easy, clutter-free lifestyles

Durability: IP68-certification means you can submerge your phone in 1.5 metres of water for half an hour with no ill effects

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