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TV - May 17, 2018

Six hot new additions to Netflix this June

Heat up your summer with these binge-worthy shows and stellar Netflix original flicks

Superheroes, sensates and wrestling starlets shake up the streaming screen this month. Here are the latest TV and movie additions to stream on Netflix at your convenience.

1. Alex Strangelove – June 8

The path to true love is strange. A newbie to the game of youthful romance, Alex Truelove is your typical high-school senior who’s out to achieve ultimate teenage bliss by losing his virginity. And his girlfriend Claire is the right person to help him out… or is she? Alex’s conventional love life grows complicated when he meets a handsome gay teenager named Elliot. Alex likes Claire, but does he also like Elliot? Is he straight, gay, bi or bi-curious? If you’re into the teen scene, this Netflix original film will take you through an endearing exploration of sex, love and friendship.

Sense8 (Series Finale) – June 8

The sensates are back. And while we’re psyched to see this hit series return, we’re sad to see it come to an end. Now that our favourite sensates – who are connected to each other psychically – have declared full-out war on Whispers and the mysterious organization BPO, fans are left wondering just how this elaborate cat-and-mouse game will play out. Will there be a real resolution in this two-part series finale or will it all end in a cunning cliffhanger? We eagerly await the outcome.

Set It Up – June 15

What do you do when you’re stuck with a horrible boss? Set them up with someone equally horrible, of course. As overworked, underpaid twentysomethings, Charlie and Harper are fed up with office managers who order them around like tyrants. When the pair realize both of their bosses are horribly single, they concoct a plot to get them together, so that they can have more leisure time for themselves. In classic rom-com-film fashion, hilarious madness inevitably ensues as Charlie and Harper realize the drawbacks of setting up a faux romance.

Marvel’s Luke Cage (Season Two) – June 22

After protecting New York from an evil crime syndicate in The Defenders, the unbreakable (literally!) Luke Cage reprises his role as Harlem’s hero. Teaming up with fellow superhero Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist, and Detective Misty Knight, who returns with a new bionic arm in place, Cage is set to take down the new villains in town, which includes the likes of crime boss Bushmaster. But don’t rule out Harlem’s nefarious Queenpin Mariah (Alfre Woodard), who still has unfinished business to settle with Luke.

GLOW (Season 2) – June 29

The gorgeous ladies of wrestling are back in the ring, so here we glow again. Sam, Ruth, Debbie, Tamme, Justine, Carmen, Cherry and company return with more ROFL-drama. Season One centred on the ladies learning how to wrestle and preparing for a shoot. But now that they have the essentials down, what’s next? They’ve committed to creating a full-on series, so will they fight over who gets more airtime? We can’t wait to see the likes of Zoya the Destroya (Ruth), Liberty Belle (Debbie), Machu Picchu (Carmen) and Junkchain Bang (Cherry) go head to head, both in and out of the staged-wrestling arena.

Hold the Dark – Release day TBD

There’s never shortage of adventure thrillers on Netflix. Following in the frightening footsteps of dark mystery dramas like Mute and The Rain, Hold the Dark is sure to leave you with goosebumps. In the cold, untamed Alaskan wilderness, wolves are allegedly killing children. Enter wolf-expert biologist Russell Core (Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright). Hired to investigate and locate a missing six-year-old boy, Core’s investigation takes an even darker turn when he uncovers a secret regarding the child in question. If you’re looking for an edge-of-your-seat type of thrill, then get stoked for this tale of violence and survival.

Also coming to Netflix this June:

November 13 – June 1

The Angel – June 15

Voltron: Legendary Defenders (Season Six) – June 15

La Balada de Hugo Sanchez (Season Two) – June 17

Scandal (Season Seven) – TBD

Quantico (Season Three) – TBD

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 14) – TBD

Graduates – June 29

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