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New must-see movies to savour at home

Stay in and enjoy a wide array of fantastic films this May

Maybe you’re hosting a movie night for friends or maybe you’re just looking for films to binge-watch over the Victoria Day weekend – whatever you’re doing this month, grab the popcorn and settle in at home for one of these terrific new titles.


May 1

Helen Mirren stars as real-life heiress Sarah Winchester, who spent decades adding rooms to her mansion as a way to appease the ghosts of rifle-violence victims, in this creepy horror movie inspired by the Winchester Mystery House.

Available now on Rogers On Demand.

12 Strong

May 1

Chris Hemsworth trades Thor’s hammer for desert fatigues in this fact-based war drama about ODA 595, a troop of American special-forces soldiers sent to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban in the wake of 9/11.

Available now on Rogers On Demand.

Fahrenheit 451

May 19

Didn’t get enough Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther? Check him out alongside Michael Shannon in this hotly anticipated adaptation of the Ray Bradbury sci-fi classic about a dystopian future where books have been outlawed.

On HBO Canada on May 19.