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Music - Jun 20, 2016

Best Canadiana Playlists on Spotify

We’ve got beautiful landscapes, poutine, colourful money, a rich history and some kick-ass music. Celebrate Canada with these Canadian-only playlists.

We may be known for our maple syrup, good manners and abundance of trees, but Canada also nurtures an array of talented musicians. From Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and The Tragically Hip to Feist, Rush, Leonard Freaking Cohen and our current king, Drake, here are our favourite Canadian-exclusive playlists on Spotify.

Joni Mitchell - Best Of

Interested in being serenaded for over three hours by Canada’s very own Prairie Songbird? Tune in to hear some of Joni’s iconic hits like “River” and “Both Sides Now” on this “Best Of” compilation, along with 40 other plucky songs that span her ever-evolving musical career, including hits from her massive catalogue of iconic albums like Turbulent Indigo and Court and Spark.

Greatest Canadian Songs!!!!!

As the name suggests, this playlist is a sampling of really good user-curated Canadian content. It’s a great mix of pop hits like “Big Blue Wave” by Hey Ocean!, feel-good tunes like K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag,” hard-hitting rock like Rush’s “2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx,” the crooning vocals of Ian and Sylvia, and the man from a Town-in-North-Ontario himself, Neil Young. Oh yeah, it also features the group we all probably forgot about: Bran Van 3000.

Canadian Folkies

If dancing coyly is more your style, we suggest this newfangled folk mix. Put on the “Canadian Folkies” playlist then shimmy your shoulders and sway your hips to some of Canada’s brightest musical poets like Alberta’s Feist, Saskatchewan-born Buffy Sainte-Marie and Ontario’s Ron Sexsmith.

Canadian Indie

Less of a folkie and more of an indie rocker? This skillfully curated list highlights the best of Canada’s independent scene. Packed with 50 songs, it jumps from Metric to City and Colour to Arcade Fire, Death from Above 1979 and The Elwins. Grab some craft beer, sprawl on the grass with this playlist and pretend you’re at WayHome.

Drake Complete

You may have heard that he started from the bottom, but now Drake (a.k.a Aubrey Graham’s) is one of the hottest names in the industry with collaborations with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and fellow Canadian The Weeknd under his belt. Whether you know him as B-baller Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi: The Next Generation or as the rapping stud who put the 6ix on the map, the “Drake Complete” playlist features Drake’s entire Spotify catalogue with everything from “Now and Forever,” to the “The Calm” and “Light Up.” It’s updated on the regular, so be sure to tune in often.

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