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Movies - Feb 11, 2018

10 amazing documentaries for a winter’s night

Hibernate with these fascinating and entertaining films

You know the old adage “truth is stranger than fiction”? Well, when it comes to movies, the truth can also be more shocking, dramatic and entertaining – which these 10 terrific documentaries prove.

20 Feet from Stardom

This Oscar-winning film tracks the colourful lives and careers of some of music’s most talented women: backup singers (including Merry Clayton, Darlene Love, Lisa Fischer and Táta Vega), whose voices have buoyed some of the 20th and 21st centuries’ most popular songs.

Now available on Rogers On Demand.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

This follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth follows environmental crusader Al Gore as he promotes renewable energy, champions the Paris climate agreement and examines what’s changed, what’s improved and what’s stayed the same (or gotten worse) since 2006.

Now available on Rogers On Demand.

Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World

Ever done a spit-take when you hear about a painting selling for tens of millions of dollars? In this behind-the-canvas exposé, artists, buyers, dealers and gallery owners reveal the shocking secrets of how and why contemporary art is really collected, sold and exhibited.

Now available on Netflix.

Chasing Coral

This sequel to Chasing Ice examines the bleaching of coral reefs due to climate change. Simultaneously visually breathtaking and heartbreaking, director Jeff Orlowski’s film explores the environmental catastrophe that’s happening just below the surface of our planet’s waters.

Now available on Netflix.


Director Laura Poitras’s Oscar-winning documentary delivers an edge-of-your-seat, moment-by-moment chronicle as NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden – holed up in a Hong Kong hotel room and, later, exiled to Russia – reveals the U.S. government’s surveillance secrets to the world.

Now available on Rogers On Demand.

(Dis)honesty: The Truth About Lies

From “innocent” fibs to massive government coverups, lies are everywhere. This smart, funny and eye-opening film from behavioural scientist and bestselling author Dan Ariely examines why humans are often predisposed to not telling the truth.

Now available on Netflix.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Almost 20 years ago, Jim Carrey starred as “comic anarchist” Andy Kaufman in 1999’s Man on the Moon, and his often-abrasive Method performance is the subject of this revelatory, 100% Fresh documentary about one irreverent performer disappearing into the persona of another.

Now available on Netflix.

Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press

Set against the backdrop of the high-profile sex-tape legal battle between Hulk Hogan and, this alarmingly timely film explores what happens when the 1% use their money and influence to try to silence the media.

Now available on Netflix.


F-I-E-R-C-E! That’s one way to describe the determined young women of the Lethal Ladies step team at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. This jubilant, crowd-pleasing doc follows the girls over the course of a year, as they put aside personal hardships to pursue glory on the floor – and a better future.

Now available on Rogers On Demand.

Strad Style

An absolute must-see, this crazy, gripping and inspiring hidden gem revolves around reclusive thirtysomething Danny Houck, who meets violin virtuoso Razvan Stoica online and – despite having no training – promises to build him a perfect replica of “Il Cannone” to play at an upcoming concert.

Now available on Rogers On Demand.

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