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Meet the winner of the Rogers Boss Baby Contest

How Melissa Braedley and her family’s fun photos landed them a dream vacation

For Melissa Braedley, winning the Rogers Boss Baby Contest was a dream come true in more ways than one.

For starters, the Waterloo, Ont., mom of two and her family were already huge fans of the animated film – about an infant with the mind (and mouth) of an adult – because it’s “adorable and funny,” and because the relationship between its characters mirrors that of her own young sons. “We've watched it countless times!” she says. “I’m pretty sure both of our sons firmly believe that the characters are actually them.”

Having her Boss Baby-inspired contest photos resonate was also exciting. “I came up with the ideas the same day we took the photos,” Braedley explains. “I knew we had outfits that were similar to [those of] the characters in the film, and we wanted to replicate scenes from the movie. My oldest is very expressive and great about helping out, so when I told him what we were doing, he was all for it!”

She says their repeated viewings of the movie helped determine which scenes to mimic, and that the interaction between her boys on camera is an accurate representation of their personalities. “They have been the best of friends since day one,” she says. “[Older brother] Cole really does put up with a lot from Jack, but they rarely ever fight and both adore each other.”

Entering the contest was actually her mother’s idea (“we really owe a big thank you to her for encouraging us!”), and winning means the family will be heading off on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, something Braedley says will provide them with new experiences and precious bonding time.

“My boys have never been outside of Ontario, never been on a plane, never seen an ocean, so this is something that will be so incredibly exciting for them both,” she says. “My husband and I haven't been on a vacation in almost 10 years and will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of our first date next year, so this truly will be a very special vacation for us all.”

She adds that while the chance to travel is thrilling, the best part about winning the contest is the opportunity for the family to spend quality time with each other.

“As any working parents can attest, it’s hard to find time to spend together as a family, and for us that time together means the world. Making memories are the only expectations we have for this trip,” she says. “A sincere thank you to Rogers and those involved in the Boss Baby Contest for choosing our family and making a dream we never thought possible come true.”

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